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Roseville Property Management: Avoid Tenancy Issues


Unless you hire a Sacramento property management team to take care of everything for you, from maintenance and repair to screening and leasing duties, you will likely find your plate is very full of property management tasks in addition to dealing with tenancy issues. Luckily, there are a few things to do to avoid some common tenancy issues and keep your stress level low.


Firstly, it is important that you make sure the property has no defects before the tenant moves in. This will prevent a landlord-tenant dispute about what damage is whose fault later on. If you cannot fix something that is wrong, make note of it in the lease and document the issue with pictures. Do a thorough walk-through with your tenant to make sure everything, from the outlets to the appliances, is in good working condition.


Next, remember to transfer all utilities (except for the ones you may be responsible for such as trash pickup or water) to your tenant. This will save you and your tenant the headache of figuring out who owes whom what amount when the bill comes. The tenant may be responsible for the transfer, and the bill should be put in his or her name on move-in day.


Lastly, it pays to take the time to perform periodic property inspections to make sure the tenant is taking care of your property and that everything is working properly for them. Remember that you are required by law to give a certain amount of notice before you enter the property. Often it is forty-eight hours, but this varies from state to state. Be sure to give notice and make sure the tenant is expecting you.


Again, a quality Roseville property management company can take all the work off your plate instead while you get to relax and reap the rewards of renting out your property. The choice is yours!