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How to Get the Most from Your Rental Homes in Sacramento


Are you making a steady income from your rental in Sacramento? If so, you've made a wise decision, but there are always ways to improve. Follow this great tip to maximize your profits and get the most out of your rental home.


One way to make the most out of your rental property is by not ignoring small maintenance issues. You or your rental property manager should perform what is called an annual unit evaluation, which entails going to your property each year. If your property is rented, make sure to give the tenant plenty of notice as required by law. Document the condition of your rental to make sure that everything is in proper and working condition and that living conditions are safe and legal.


The annual unit evaluation also gives you or your property manager the opportunity to look for small maintenance issues that you can fix to keep your current tenants happy and feeling taken care of or to boost your property's rent appeal for a new tenant. Additionally, if your tenants fail to report a dripping faucet or running toilet, for example, this is your opportunity to fix it and save yourself tons of money in water bills.


Lastly, you can save money doing the annual unit evaluation by being able to prevent small maintenance issues from turning into large ones that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in lost rent and repair charges.


Make sure to be an accessible and responsible landlord, and your rental home in Sacramento will give you a steady monthly income you can rely on for decades!