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Sacramento Apartment Rentals: Security Deposits and Tenant Rights


As many leasing agents of Sacramento apartment rentals will tell you, security deposits can seem tricky at first. What rights do your tenants have, and how should you go about assessing damages at the end of your renter's tenancy? Luckily, there are plenty of resources available, so learn more by reading on!


A security deposit is the money that the tenant gives the landlord at the beginning of their tenancy. This money may either be used to cover damages incurred by the tenant, unpaid rent, or cleaning fees. It may also be returned to the tenant when he or she moves out, considering what kind of shape the rental is in at the end of the tenancy. In California, the maximum security deposit that an owner can charge for an unfurnished unit is twice the monthly rent.


The owner has twenty-one days from the end of the tenancy to return the security deposit or a disposition or of what the security deposit was used to cover (again: unpaid rent, cleaning fees, or repairs). Many leases of home rentals in Sacramento can, at the very least, recommend that tenants make reasonable effort in keeping the property clean, so don't be afraid to talk to your tenants about what their responsibilities are so that there is less likely to be a dispute after the tenancy is over.


Remember that your tenants are not responsible for what constitutes as normal wear-and-tear. Additionally, you should take careful documentation including pictures of your rental so you can have proof that the damages you're charging your tenants for did not exist when they moved in.